N1000 Manifold

The Only Neptune Manifold Alternative


Our Neptune manifold alternative is environmentally friendly. It contains roughly 30% less plastic than the leading manifold and is manufactured in the United States using recycled material.

The N1000 is incredibly simple to operate. We provide instructions for the installation, the removal and the disposal procedure in order to ensure a streamlined use every time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many suction lines can be used with the N1000?

A: N1000 offers four vertical ports for up to four suction lines. The N1000 ports are designed to support a single suction line per each port. Do not use Y-connectors to accommodate additional suction lines as cross-contamination can occur, thereby placing the patien at risk for infection. When connecting suction liens, use the upper-most port followed by the next port below for subsequent suction lines.

Q: What is the purpose of the moisture indicator?

A: The moisture indicator turns red once fluid has entered themanifold chamber and is provided as a visual indicator to the hospital staff, which clearly indicates that the manifold has been used and should be discarded following the surgical procedure. The N1000 is a single-use/single-patient device and should be discarded following each surgical procedure for which it is used.

Q: Can I remove the lid of the N1000?

A: The lid of the N1000 is not removable. Trying to remove the lid of the manifold can cause damage resulting in the potential leakage of surgical fluid or vacuum pressure from the manifold. Never attempt to remove the lid of the manifold that has been used. Failure to comply may result in a personal injury or exposure to potentially hazardous material.

Q: Is the N1000 compatible with a Neptune 2?

A: No, currently the N1000 is an alternative manifold that works with the Neptune 1 Waste Management System.

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