Sterilization Products

One Tray®

Surgical facilities are experiencing unprecedented demands for cost controls and improved efficiencies. The challenge is managing instrumentation in coordination with the surgical case load within a rapidly changing environment; especially where emergency cases are common.

The ONE TRAY® system optimizes the utilization of surgical assets and supplies by offering quantifiable time and cost savings that are immediate and ongoing. Features and performance benefits include:

  • FDA Clearance: the patented ONE TRAY® system is 510(k) cleared, for the safe handling, transport and delivery to point of use.
  • Safety: ONE TRAY® containers enable the terminal sterilization of surgical instrumentation with the safety and assurance of FDA regulatory clearance and 510(k) validated protocol.
  • Convenience: ONE TRAY® utilizes the same familiar assembly and convenient preparation protocols that are widely used for traditional filtered vent containers.
  • Flexibility: ONE TRAY® allows for user-defined capacities with various base and lid height options, as well as footprint sizes. The ONE TRAY® System is validated for a 30-day event related shelf life.
  • Innovative: The innovative SterObexPM barrier technology assures long term sealing capabilities and increases sterility maintenance of the container.
  • Green: This Innovative Terminal Sterilization Technology eliminates waste associated with the wrapping of surgical instrumentation and loaner/consignment sets.