Fluid Management

The Big FOOT Difference

Big FOOT Suction™ is the first and only "roaming" floor suction mat. With a small FOOT print, Big FOOT can be moved around the floor like your smaller floor suction devices, but it absorbs fluid like your larger mats. Efficient, low-cost design, crafted to absorb and suck the fluid off of your floors during low-, moderate-, or high-fluid cases. Use with or without suction, dry, absorb, or suck. Big FOOT has more applications for floor fluid waste management than any other floor suction device on the market.

  • Small footprint, large surface coverage
  • Surgical mat absorption with simultaneous suction capability
  • Efficient design for low-cost, low-waste volume
  • Replace multiple devices with one Big FOOT
  • Quicker room turnover
  • Little Big FOOT 7.5" x 10" for low-fluid cases
  • Big FOOT Suction 10.25" x 15" for moderate-fluid cases
  • Mighty Big FOOT Suction 15" x 20" for high-fluid cases
  • Big FOOT Belt 10" x 30"
  • Big FOOT Sasquatch 20" x 30"