Shoulder Surgery

Schure Loc™ XPS

Schure Loc™ XPS currently outperforms similar equipment for shoulder surgery in both the beach chair and lateral position. The Schure Loc™ XPS is the perfect companion piece for any beach chair positioner— easily attaching to any OR table rail while freeing your surgical assistant to do much more than steady the patient's limb. Get the most from your team by adding this high-quality, easy-to-use device to your shoulder surgery equipment.

E-Z Lift Beach Chair

The E-Z Lift Beach Chair provides a lightweight and costeffective option to our fully powered shoulder chair. This system employs a powerful piston to lift the patient. Adjusts to fit any OR table with our integrated adjustable mounting clamps. 500 lb (227 kg) patient weight capacity. Articulation range is 0° to 90°. Lateral Brace included.

Beach Chair Benefits

  • 500 lb (227 kg) patient weight capacity
  • Motion-control technology eliminates manual patient positioning
  • Lateral Brace attaches to chair and not table side rail
  • Pull-away panels providing excellent surgical exposure
  • Double-ball joint head rest tilts 30° in every direction
  • Five-piece Deluxe pad set included

Two-Year Warranty

  Made in USA

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