Bean Bag Positioners

Tthe only surgical bean bag with an integral layer of Blue Diamond® Gel

All David Scott Company Bean Bags Positioners include a one click valve system that has a safety clip to prevent accidental air loss. The valve system is replaceable if damaged. Our surgical bean bags are designed with a urethane bladder, rather than PVC, which equates to added durability and longevity. We are pleased to offer the only surgical bean bag with an integral layer of Blue Diamond® Gel. Our Blue Diamond® Gel Bean Bag Positioners are patent protected. The added benefit to a surgical bean bag with gel is for the patient. They are no longer subject to the pressure of the molded bean bag against their skin, they now have a thin moldable layer of gel to protect them. All of our medical bean bag positioners are proudly made in the United States.

All Blue Diamond® positioners are:

  • 100% Latex-Free
  • Aid in the prevention of Pressure Insults
  • Provide access for better Site Presentation
  • Easy attachment to wall suction, aspirator pumps or any vacuum source (no adapters needed)
  • Made of Urethane film for added durability
  • Repels Betadyne staining
  • Valve system white stem is replaceable if broken
  • Reusable
  • One-Click valve system to retain bean bags firm molded shape
  • One-Click valve system to release bean bag back to its original soft state
  • Valve safety clip included
  • Easy to clean and disinfect
  • Repairable if damaged, ripped or torn, or product needs refilling
  • Silicone Free
  • Made in the USA

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