Great White Robotic Stirrups

The mounting blade design quickly and easily inserts into side-rail clamps. The Great White Robotic Stirrups' range of motion is 55° low lithotomy to 60° high lithotomy. Adduction -9° and abduction +25° and also externally rotates out 20°, with the control to lock the medical stirrup for positioning anywhere in between. Two required SpringLoc Clamps sold separately.

Hadron FPLS™

Infinitus Medical has created the first uniquely designed foam pad lift system (FPLS™) for the Trendelenburg surgical position. The Hadron FPLS™ adds value to robotic surgical platforms or any other general surgical procedures requiring gravity dependent organ and/or tissue retraction resulting from moderate to steep (30 degrees) Trendelenburg positioning.

Themodular pad system was developed to maximize anesthesia airway access pre-induction, while simultaneously optimizing the efficiency and safety of post induction patient positioning processes.* The Hadron FPLS™ facilitates safer ergonomic patient movement practices over current products and methodologies, benefiting both patients and providers.

The Hadron FPLS™ is a repositionable viscoelastic foam pad system. It does not require Velcro® straps to secure it into position. For a full Trendelenburg solution, the Hadron can be paired with the patented iON ESPS® arm adduction system by Infinitus.

*As with any system, no pad or gel system is 100% efficacious in all situations. Providers must always use their clinical judgment to decide what is safe for their patients, especially when caring for moderate to morbidly obese patients, as there are many factors that contribute to sliding or drifting of patients in the Trendelenburg position.


Infinitus Medical has created the first uniquely designed ergonomic surgical positioning system (ESPS®) for the arm adducted surgical position. Click here for more information.

Range of Positions

  • Lithotomy Range 55° low to 60° high
  • Adduction -9°
  • Abduction +25°
  • Externally rotates 20°

Two-Year Warranty

  Made in USA

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