Knee Surgery

TKR Positioner

This ball-track system for total knee replacements is a huge leap forward for the surgeon and patient alike. Ball joint at the heel of the leg holder places the operative leg in extension, flexion, tilt and rotation. Easy-to-use and completely rigid once locked. Eliminates the need for additional leg positioning devices, sandbags and gel-pads.

Schure Foot for Total Knee

New TKR leg holder design offers the same secure positioning as the stainless steel model without the concerns of radiopacity. Easily mounts to operating room side rails using the Schure Socket XL, letting the surgeon replace the entire knee while the patient's foot is held firmly in place.

Schure Grip Leg Holder

  • Dual independent braces freely rotate 360° and spread horizontally from 3 inches to 11 inches wide (8cm-28cm) to fit any size leg at any angle
  • Twist one brace side down, put the patient's leg on the leg holder, return the brace side back up, slide brace horizontally for a snug fit, and lock in place with convenient twist handle