Arm Adduction


The arm adducted surgical position is required for an ever increasing range of surgical procedures and specialties. While approximately 36% of the U.S. population is considered obese, surgical tables are only 20 inches wide. This means parts of patients can be left hanging over the sides of surgical tables. Hospitals sometimes use bed sheets or other fabric to wrap the patient's arms and then place them back underneath. This process can utilize as many as two to four providers, depending on the size of the patient.

These work-around methods can result in injuries to staff while also restricting access to patient monitoring equipment and IV access. Current AORN standards for tucking a patient's arms can be found here. The iON ESPS® exceeds all current AORN standards for this surgical position.

This position is a necessity for daVinci® robotic procedures as well as other arm adducted surgical specialties such as ENT, neurological (spine and brain), cardiac, vascular, gynecological, and bariatric procedures, where the procedures and/or surgeon require maximum access to the surgical field.


  • Utilizes bed rail system
  • Provides full arm support
  • Unsurpassed anesthesia access
  • Protects vital monitoring and IVs
  • Adjusts to patient body type
  • Only adds 1" to patient width
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