Gel Positioners

Reusable gel positioners designed to reduce sheer and friction

Gel Positioners-Blue Diamond® Gel is a viscoelastic Polymer. Blue Diamond Gel Positioners are a reusable gel positioners used primarily as a surgical positioners to offer pressure reduction during medical/surgical procedures. Our gel pads are designed to reduce sheer and friction. They are also a dry viscoelastic polymer which is recommended by AORN standards. We offer surgical positioners for the whole body as well as specialty surgical positioners for many positioning devices. Our gel positioners for surgery can also be used for wheelchair gel pads, gel pads for seats, gel pads for your feet. Our medical gel pads are made in the USA.

Gel Contoured Positioners and Sandbags Commonly referred to as sandbags, ours are filled with Blue Diamond® Gel which offers pressure reduction compared to the harsh rigidity of an actual sandbag. These positioners are great for tucking and wedging.
Gel Multi-Task Flat Bottom Positioners Blue Diamond® roll positioners are designed to offer versatility. Our rolls are rounded on the end to allow for axillary usage. The thermoformed skin is very forgiving yet extremely durable. These rolls are perfect for wedging, elevating, distending, padding, and keeping the patient in proper position without fear of flattening the pad or rolling over it.

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